Schmitt/Berlan Drum Method – Binary Module 5 – Lesson 1: 16th Note Single Strokes + Accents and Bass Drum/Hi-Hat Coordination

In this lesson, we play the accents from the Module 4, but we’ll add an imbalance by holding an ostinato at the feet with the hi-hat and the bass drum pedals.
An ostinato is a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm.
We will play an accent over this ostinato. Be careful, this exercise requires patience at the beginning in order to find the balance between feet and hands.
Do not forget that it is important to work slowly and to accelerate the tempos progressively.
When you feel comfortable with one tempo you can move on to the next.
If you are not yet comfortable at a tempo, do not increase it. Your muscle memory needs time to register the the movements, and your body needs to find its balance to be solid on the tempo.
Going through tempo steps before you feel comfortable with them will only weaken your groove.