Schmitt/Berlan Drum Method – Binary Module 15: Bass Drum Syncopation in Groups of 2 Notes With Ghost Notes (personalized interpretation)

In this lesson we will play the same exercise as before, That is to say: eighth notes on hi-hat, snare drum on 2 and 4. And we’ll play our bass drum syncopation in groups of two and groups of three.

The difference is that the ghost notes will not be played in an academic way: we will interpret them.

The interpretation of ghost notes is what will make your personality. What I give you here are keys. It’s up to you to play them your way. We’re going to play ghost notes in this exercise the way I feel them.

You too, by dint of practicing, you will play the ghost notes in your own way as you feel and it will become natural.

You will fill the silences with ghost notes, where YOU feel it, where it will be natural for YOU.

Anyway, I will show you how to play the ghost notes in this exercise, where they are natural for ME. Let’s go!