Schmitt/Berlan Drum Method – Binary Module 9 – Lesson 1: Sixteenth Note Pattern on Syncopated Bass Drum Strokes

The next modules from MB9 to MB12 are the consecration of a flawless foundation and tempo.
You will work on your bass drum dexterity.
Damien shares his bass drum technique with you so that you can quickly play 2 or 3 bass drum hits.
These bass drum placements in groups of 2 and 3 will make the difference. They will give you that solidity and dexterity that we like to hear and sometimes gives the impression of playing double pedal.
You will not have any more fragility in the groove when you play 2 or 3 strokes of bass drum after having worked these Modules.
Don’t forget that it is important to work slowly and to accelerate the tempos gradually.
When you feel comfortable with one tempo you can move on to the next one.
If you are not yet comfortable at a tempo do not increase it. Your muscle memory needs time to register the movement and your body needs to find its balance to be solid on the tempo.
Going through tempo steps before you feel comfortable with them will only weaken your groove.